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If you're confused because you've heard the project called "Flex TV" - Flex TV is the action name for Alexa and Google - Phlex is the name of the app before I realized Google wouldn't let me just call it Phlex.

There are many ways you can install Phlex, here are a few options. For Cast Device Control, you will also need to enable the Sockets module.

Once this is done, you just need to ask your Google Assistant to "Talk to Flex TV". When posting an issue, try to include the following information: Phlex/Flex TV is currently a one-person operation.

This is the invocation name you will use to talk to Phlex. There is no big team of people, there are no slick corporate sponsors.

(Thanks to giac0m0 for the writeup) Congratulations.

If you installed Phlex via git or Docker, you're all set.

If you have multiple people in your household, it's possible to allow them to link their account to your Phlex instance, without having them create their own account. SO, If you really really like this project and want to show a little love, you can send money via paypal to [email protected]

All you need to do is have them sign into the Phlex UI from a device linked to their Google account. OK Google, Ask Flex TV to play season 4 episode 3 of The Simpsons. OK Google, Ask Flex TV to download Season 2 Episode 5 of the show The Americans. This address is for donations only, if you need support, please look above for information on how to ask for it.

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If you wish to change the listening port for Phlex to something other than 80, you can do so in the Xampp control panel by clicking the "config" button next to Apache, and then opening If you are on Windows, you will need to make a rule in Windows Firewall to allow that port's traffic as well. They're fun for this project because they use Multicast DNS (Aka Bonjour, Aka Avahii, Aka Zeroconf) in order to talk to one another on a home network.

In httpd.conf, you will see a line that reads "Listen 80". On a very basic home network with just one router and everything connected via wifi, MDNS usually just works.

You should now be prompted to link your Google account(again). You can now talk to Phlex by saying things like "Ask Flex TV to play batman begins" or "Ask Flex TV to play the lastest episode of THe Big Bang Theory". I cannot stand ad-sponsored projects or "freemium" apps, and will never try to use this garbage to gain revenue from users.

Open the Google Home app on your phone, and look for the card prompting you to link your account. I'll be adding a wiki page for voice commands as time allows. However, this is a massive undertaking, and has snowballed enormously from a simple IFTTT hook/script to the project you now see today.

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