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All new registration are given the opportunity to join our group when they come for their Registration Health Check.If you would like to join the virtual group - please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. and mark your request "PPG" in the subject or contact our Practice Manager Samantha Corp.A spokesman said: 'We want to speak to anyone who was onboard the train yesterday.Jeremy Epstein got me thinking with his blog item—the title says it all: https://freedom-to-tinker.com/blog/jeremyepstein/how-much-does-a-botnet-cost-and-the-impact-on-internet-voting Then a colleague pointed out that a really easy botnet attack would be DDo S, and expressed some skepticism that any US elections org would be able to deal with it.And, yes, I am not kidding - not kidding at all - this is just one of those cute national security side-effects of IT security research ...in this case some DHS funded cyber-homeland-security work to physically map the Internet.

Many others report losing important documents, files and correspondence from business and personal contacts.On entering the required capcha everyone then discovered that Yahoo had deleted ALL e-mails and folders in those accounts - thousands (millions? One member described this as a disaster for his business in tracking online orders and sales; others opined that it was a breach of trust in Yahoo systems - after all Yahoo advertise that e-mails can be 'kept forever.' This issue brings into disrepute the concept of cloud storage - that is storing important documents, e-mails and files on distant servers. Brady Once a Yahoo Classic Mail user now on Gmail Many thousands of long term users of Yahoo Mail have had their entire set of folders and e-mails deleted due to an upgrading snafu on Friday / Saturday March 1 / 2. It appears that during the upgrade Yahoo technicians decided to upgrade all Classic users to the (largely disliked) New e-mail system.When those servers crash or go corrupt or a member of staff issues a 'delete' or de-activate command then all can be lost. Naturally most declined this upgrade and so Yahoo deleted their entire accounts including all folders, e-mails going back 10 to 20 years, and contact lists.So, yes, if the US ever did serious i-voting, there would be foreign adversaries could well be motivated simply to destabilize the US gov't by hosing an online election.But as Jeremy pointed out, there are also classes of adversary whose motivation would be have a very stable election with an outcome shifted by an undetected successful cyber-operation.

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