Who is marcus schenkenberg dating

Paul O'Mahony looks beyond the washboard abs of Marcus Schenkenberg. Marcus Schenkenberg is generally regarded to have been the world's first male supermodel. Despite campaigning for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the meatball - unlike his former girlfriend, Pamela Anderson - retained his carniverous habits. He may well have done because he soon moved east to New York. In no time at all Schenkenberg became the toast of Manhattan and the scourge of boyfriends everywhere as his image began to hit the front pages of fashion magazines.

The hunky himbo with the washboard abs and an eye for the ladies is well know internationally as the Swedish Meatball. Suddenly pasty skin and beer guts lost their appeal for hitherto satisfied significant others.

Eddie Griffin 1996-97: Supposedly, Mariah and Eddie Griffin has a fling that started some time in 1996. She loves guys with money and power in the music industry. Don’t worry Mariah, I’m not mad that you hooked up with all these guys.

2000 - 2001Pam started dating Marcus, a model, in 2000, and the two appeared in an Iceberg ad campaign together.

For a man purported to speak five languages - none of them Spanish - the decision to release a song called La Chica Marita had more to do with the success of Ricky Martin-inspired Latino pop than his own fondness for some chica called Marita.

Speaking of which: apart from Pamela Anderson, has the meatball had any celebrity girlfriends?

In fact, she’s on my celeb top list for those I’d love to bang. After working for a while as a dogsitter and a nanny, Schenkenberg was spotted by a fashion photographer while out rollerskating on Venice Beach. But of course, a veritable cornucopia of them in fact. Anyway, the tenderloined Swede left home for California in 1988 at the age of just 17. Has the ball of meat ever stepped away from the catwalk to put quill to papyrus or voice to vinyl? Being the first male supermodel it naturally fell unto him to rewrite the rulebook: 'Marcus Schenkenberg - New Rules' codified the phenomenon. And the muscular Swede with the Dutch ancestry also released a single.

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