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She gave birth to a daughter named Jett Ling Song on March 8 last year.

In her new CNN digital series "This is Sex," journalist Lisa Ling explores the taboos around sex in America and the ways in which sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized.

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Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

I haven’t always been responsible about condom or birth control use, so I’ve left myself open on numerous occasions to unwanted pregnancies and STDs, both of which are rampant in our country, the latter now more than ever.

Asians as a culture aren’t exactly the most communicative bunch, especially when it comes to personal matters. Spect felt compelled to make a personal visit to my home to talk to my father.

I told my teacher that my dad flatly refused to sign the paper, saying, “Sex ed in 5th grade? I recall her telling me that it was the first time she ever went to a student’s house.

But unlike my first delivery, there was no actual medical necessity for this one.

Through my reporting for this series, I learned that my first C-section and my preference for a second were a part of a major nationwide trend.

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