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Jesus, sweet Mary, Joseph, the transformation was incredible!Imagine a surge of confidence at the age of 21, a feeling you’ve never felt before. You could say it was the start of my journey of self-improvement.I had severe acne in my late teens, and I remember how demoralising it was to have someone stare at my face covered in zits.I eventually saw a dermatologist, who prescribed an intensive treatment regime, which I followed religiously.

He had injured tendons in his right ankle a few weeks before the 1986 U. Championships but went on to win his second national title.

Although Orser won the competition, Boitano skated clean, landing seven triple jumps, including a footwork section into a jump. Boitano, Leaver, and Bezic were so confident about the strength of Boitano's new programs that they omitted the quadruple toe loop, which if landed, could have put him a shoulder above Orser in technical merit.

The short program at the 1988 United States Figure Skating Championships proved to be a highlight.

He’s one of the world’s most famous fashion bloggers — and will be parading his ‘new’ face today, at London Fashion Week.

Bryanboy shares the very personal, and controversial, diary of his cosmetic work Whenever I see someone on the street with acne, I try my absolute best to avoid making eye contact.

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