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But even if China allowed outside players, Chinese companies have the natural advantage of understanding the nuance of the Chinese consumer.

This is why the following five social media platforms are worth watching.

A young girl finds that all the books she chooses in the library have been previously checked out by the same boy. The boy wants to be a violin maker like his grandfather.

(At - ) When Shizuku first follows Muta the cat into Mr. Just as Shizuku watches Muta enter the shop, we are shown a golden pig statue sitting on the ground being used as a door stop to hold the shop door open, with its head angled so that it is looking to its right (to the left from our perspective.) But in the next scene we see that the pig's head is not angled to either side at all - and is instead shown looking straight ahead.

With a QQ account, a user can get access to all of Tencent's different services.

In other words, it's the equivalent of a social media hub.

Still, Renren managed to retain ownership of that url, which now re-directs to its site.

Today it’s the top platform for social discourse and a big driver for consumer activity. Just as American celebrities communicate with their fans via Twitter, Chinese celebrities depend on Weibo as a way to connect with their fans and drive popularity.

Yes, Tencent's social networking site Pengyou has lower numbers of active users than Weibo, and Renren.

However, because of its multiple platforms, it maintains the biggest community in China in terms of sheer registered users.

Another specialized social network making noise is P1.cn, an invite-only platform focused on the top 10% of Chinese earners. There’s no question that the mobile space will be the next battleground in China for social networks.

That's because more than 69% of the Chinese population accesses the internet through mobile devices.

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