What kind of dating site is pof

It costs nothing to be polite but that's too much for the demanding women on here This POF might have worked 15 years ago but seems all the world is on online dating which renders it useless and just produces a generation of narcissistic demanding diva's, all out of touch in their online bubble There are decent women around you just wont meet them on here just to recap If you want a rude aggressive women, who is cold, aggressive unfriendly, picky, deluded, narcissistic, overweight, unintelligent, demanding, and a sloth then sign up I am sure you will find what you want.

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They all suffer from delusions and believe they should have a James Bond type man even if they are slobs and unattractive plain janes types.

Don't take the pictures on the POF profile at face value because it could very well be a fake profile that can cost you, your life. The Internet is a wonderful technology to meet people but unfortunately the cold blooded criminals think so too!!

I on daily bases receive mutual matches form "meet me" feature with ladies that I have never clicked YES on nor I ever would or even seen their profiles.

The vast majority of these women are well below average looking too, since when do unattractive women get to be so rude and aggressive?

These women seem the type to have been overlooked by guys at school for decent girls and have spent 30 years seething and being bitter about it.

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