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I don’t give men credit for “refreshing honesty.” In fact, I shave points off for revelations like that. Another male friend said that it was better to just choose long-term/short-term dating and new friends.That way, he explained, I wouldn’t be on the radar of guys who think invites to pull a train are welcome.As long as he made an effort to complete his profile and post pictures that didn’t appear to be from some ’80s era shoot, I didn’t care. First, just because someone chooses casual sex doesn’t mean they’re looking for a one-night stand.A person’s willingness to be open about that interest should not be held against them or get them labeled a player or slut.They shall live each day up until that point with no regret of fear of the future nor the past, allowing both people to truly enjoy the current point in time. Upon departure they will remain friends and always remeber the good memories made during the (STR) in hopes they will meet again one day.. Unfortunetly he is moving 2500 miles away in 4 weeks, he still really likes Cori so he asks her if she's interested in a (STR) short term relationship.. Either way he thinks she is amazing and has so much potential.I have used OKCupid off and on for about three years.There just wasn’t exclusivity or expressed commitment.I wasn’t seeking “just” sex, so adding casual sex as a relationship choice actually worked to my advantage.

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There was intimacy and affection and shared confidences.

He also warned that a woman who selected casual sex might set off a warning bell in the minds of many men.

“I’d say there are two assumptions: one is that a woman, no matter what she says, is always ‘looking’ for a more-than-sexual relationship should one present itself, and two is that a woman can get ‘just sex’ pretty much anytime she wants, without much effort.

Definition/ Short term relationship (STR): In the event that two people seemingly are attracted to each other but one person may be moving.

A (STR) allows two individuals to spend as much time as possible exploring each other's hearts, souls, and minds up until said departure date.

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