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Our research found that when it comes to the negative impact of sex and romance outside the bounds of a supposedly monogamous relationship, tech-based and real-world interactions are : The emotional pain, the sense of betrayal, and the loss of relationship trust feel exactly the same to the aggrieved partner.

Based on the results of this study—and more than 25 years of clinical experience—I have concluded that it’s not the of a sexual or romantic act that cause the most pain and do the most damage to a romantic relationship, it’s the lying, the emotional distancing, the loss of intimacy, and the disintegration of trust.

Tipe instruksies op dieselfde wyse as in die vorige games Virtuele Dogters:) Daar is met dieselfde probleem - meisie nie strook ten volle nie.

: (Instruksies soos strook, kiss, dans en so oor Probeer:) Kyk uit kommentaar van ander gebruikers en moenie berig dat iemand reeds opgelaai.

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