Updating ron winter schedule analyzer

Note: multiple answers were allowed, and certainly many P6 users were also current or former P3 users.Clearly, Oracles Primavera and Sure Trak products were found to be the dominant applications out there.Our next survey will attempt to find out what people prefer and/or use exclusively.There were 28 other CPM programs that respondents reported using, including 11 listed on the survey, but none with more than 6.8 percent experience rating.A good cross-section of industries is represented, with commercial construction at 48 percent of respondents being the largest segment, and energy the lowest at 23 percent.We also got several write-ins for healthcare and residential construction.Software applications used ranged from programs that run on a mini-computer to home-grown software.Thirty-six percent of respondents reported having experience with tools that work with CPM software, including schedule data analysis, risk analysis, 4D scheduling, and data integration tools.

If we assume half the consultants work for owners and the other half work for contractors, we are left with approximately 75 percent of respondents on the construction side and 25 percent on the owner side.

Less than 9 percent have never used CPM software, and 21 percent have used CPM between 1 and 10 years.

Of the 34 respondents who have never used CPM software, only 14 said they used the output produced by CPM software, such as bar charts, network diagrams, or reports. One of the key reasons for the survey was to find out why people used CPM software in the first place.

The remaining 21 percent was a mix of job functions, including academics, estimators, and executives.

The full survey report lists these titles in detail.

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