Updating kitchen lighting

We can now fit more cooks in the kitchen and there is plenty of room for guests to mill about the room. And best of all, we actually storage and a nice long counter in the process because we added two banks of drawers and installed our existing dishwasher right next to the sink.The breakfast bar cabinet had only enough room for one small cabinet and our dishwasher, so this was a big improvement layout AND storage-wise! Somehow the whole kitchen just looks wider and bigger, even though it isn’t!As you go around the corner to the little hall between my office, powder room and the kitchen, you can see how the new paneling and my maps really brought nice texture and personality to an otherwise small and previously uneventful hallway.I love small spaces because you can give them so much personality.

updating kitchen lighting-28

My two girls love to cook and we like to host parties, so we wanted to find a way to create more open space without adding any more square footage.We had removed those cabinet doors pretty much the first day we owned the house (a free update!), but it is great to see it all freshened up now painted white and with the added tongue and groove vertical paneling, subway tile and new counters. While I am still considering adding glass doors someday, removing doors for open shelving always gives a lot of bang for minimal buck!And, overflowing cabinets filled with excess clutter makes me crazy. And now that we have new drawers for every day dishes, we really didn’t need those cabinets anyway.Again, by living in our kitchen for several years before we made big changes, we knew what we needed and what we didn’t need.

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