Updating firmware k700i Free cams no sine up

That piece of information proved to be extremely helpful later on – the Update Service itself is oblivious to this requirement.(Actually, I discovered that some of these instructions are included further down on the Update Service webpage too, at least on the Norwegian one.) Armed with these new pieces of information, I tried once more.

updating firmware k700i-75updating firmware k700i-48updating firmware k700i-12

In another few seconds (thank God I’m doing this on a speedy machine) the program tells me, in a nice font, “Update your phone and get the latest software”, and lets me choose between “Start” and “Quit”. Unfortunately, dear reader, I can’t remember the exact sequence of events that followed, but all the ingredients are included here. Then, Windows reported that it had found a new device. I’ve installed drivers for this phone already”, so I pressed “Cancel” in the window that popped up.

The disclaimer starts out by saying “The use of this area is at your own risk.” (my emphasis). Unfortunately the program drops you back to the handy “Start” / “Quit” screen before you manage to get halfway through. The PDF explained that the “new hardware” dialogue was in fact supposed to come up, and that you needed that new driver install to flash the phone.

Moreover, after successfully installing the new hardware, the Update Service application needed to be restarted.

Judging by this, there shouldn’t be any problems, right? When the Update Service is launched, you are greeted with a computer animated intro of pretty poor quality, juxtaposed with some annoying music that is repeated a few times.

At this stage, I thought “hmm, this could’ve been some crappy shareware program for peer to peer file-sharing, but hey, it’s Sony Ericsson”.

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