Updating avg

Advanced Computer Technology has been an AVG partner since 2003.We believe that AVG is the best antivirus application on the market.If you are experiencing a blocked Internet connection, you may also need to follow the steps outlined in FAQ #1561, to access the download URL. ISSUE: BSOD under Windows Vista after update to AVG 8.0.196 or crash and subsequent inactivation of AVG Firewall RESOLUTION: Updating to Build #199 or higher resolves these issues.Launch AVG Update from the AVG program and select "program update" from the list of updates available.To resolve the issue, please proceed as follows: 1.Download the Reset Access utility from our website.

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In our tests, we have uninstalled AVG completely and then reinstalled it, and during that installation we excluded those two features from the installation.This procedure has yielded the highest success rate.Our development teams is working expediently to find a solution.It is recommended to save the file to your Desktop: Reset Access version 8 | Reset Access version 9 | Reset Access version 2012 2. Detailed information on how to use the utility will be displayed on your screen once you run the file. After using the utility according to the instructions restart your computer. Should you encounter any further issues, contact AVG technical support. ISSUE: Inactive components and/or blocked Internet connection after update to AVG 8.0.196 RESOLUTION: Download Build #199 or higher.To do this, launch AVG Update from the AVG program and select "program update" from the list of updates available.

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