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Install Flash FXP to your computer and open the program.Connect the CAT5 Ethernet cable from the Xbox Ethernet port to your computer's Ethernet port. You guys have NO idea how much work that is, do you? If you use a DHCP server at home, reflect this in your scope. And you need a server that doesnt require IDENTD Ip address: Subnetmask: Default gateway: And at least one DNS server.3860 users online • 64 registered • 3796 guests Registered users: Absurd, ALex Rex, Ankh07, Bartman72, Biggsy666, bigmaomao, bujooo, CBThat Guy, Earthworm James, Epaminondas, erik1977, eugenerobinhood1, Exar Kun IV, fatman01923, FFTHEWINNER, flyinfree, Free Play Florida, Gamerone, gladiator5, gtstmars, His Divine Shadow, itsonlyleggy, jimmy2times, Jonny7810, Katom1096, kostyama2022, Maddglow05, mamatoto, Massamo, mattecaldini, mercuryshadow09, michaelpegaso, Mister Xiado, mozbius, Overfiend, pochi, portnoi88, Reality Strikes, retroactive88, rodion, Rudablixor, Sageowl, sasapinjic, Scotty T1980, Sea Nec, Sir-Sabin, solarlord, Someguy14201, stranno, stuxll, The Arcade Striker, thedoctor45, Theomenkid_0, thewheelman282, Traace, Urkman1, wakinafuf, Walter Fagen1982, Wise Old Elf, Xunaste 44,242 topics • 422,678 posts • 120,659 registered users. Why does Avalaunch crash when I try to enter the language settings? I can't seem to FTP into avalaunch, what is wrong with it?? Yes, it's very easy to have the two installed simultaneously, however we are willing to bet that after a week of having Avalaunch installed you'll wonder what the point is in even keeping Evo X :) Read our tutorial on it for more information. Go back and edit the file, and scroll down to the section that looks like this: , and change the settings to be unique to you.Remove the CD from your Xbox and reboot your system.

This option will enable you to launch the original Microsoft dashboard from Avalaunch.

UPDATE 3/11/2016 – Version 2 launched during Search Fest in Portland – check out Social Me OWdia Explained REDUX While social media might be second nature to some of the more tech savvy individuals of the world, it’s a fully foreign language to others – even those that feel they have a solid understanding of the platform are often blind-sided by some of the totally new social sites that seem to be popping up left and right.

Well, with that, we’d like to explain exactly what social media is and how the various sites each offer their own take on the technology.

Confirm that "default.xbe" and are in your Avalaunch folder and click "OK." Choose where you want your Avalaunch ISO image saved and choose what you would like your saved image to be named. Navigate to Nero (see Resources) and enter your e-mail address, then click on "Download" to save Nero Burning ROM to your computer. Choose which burner you're using and click "OK." Select "File" and choose "Burn image." Browse for your Xbox Image and select "Open." Choose "Write" and select a maximum writing speed of "2x." Click on "Finalize CD." Your disk containing Avalaunch will be burned.

Navigate to Flash FXP (see Resources) and click on "Download" to save Flash FXP to your computer.

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