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For example, The bytecodes are stored in SWF in binary form.

They are interpreted by the virtual machine of the Flash Player.

Often there's no difference between the string , those commands are similar to stack manipulations.

The stack is like an array of values, except you can only access the value on top, push another value onto the top, or swap the top two values.

The explanation is for Windows 2000, but it should work with minor changes for any Windows version. Note Win Flasm is old and does not support all Flasm commands.

About · Download · What's new · Usage · Flash virtual machine · Assembler syntax · Embedding Flasm · Optimization techniques · __bytecode__ · File size difference · Huge scripts · Quirks, bugs and crashes · History · Project state · Resources · Terms of use · Enjoy Flasm disassembles your entire SWF including all the timelines and events.Commonly no more than 256 strings are stored, so you rarely meet 2 byte references in SWF.Practically the number of strings is limited by overall size of action, which can't exceed 65535 bytes like any other action.If you're looking for a decompiler, Flare may suit your needs. Just create a folder named somewhere and unpack the archive there. They may be some versions behind the current and are not tested by me. Source code, platform independent: flasm16You will need gcc or cc compiler with is searched for in the working directory and, if not found, in the directory where the Flasm binary resides. If you want to log them in a file instead, uncomment the log file will be overwritten each time you run Flasm.If something goes wrong, please contact the maintainers. If you like Flasm and use it often, you may want to add it to Windows right-click context menu for SWF files. If you don't want to do that, look at Win Flasm — simple windows GUI wrapper for Flasm.

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