Thai sexy dating sites

Well I have seen some crazy shit in Kingdom but by far the most distressing thing is the way most Farangs behave when they are visiting Thailand.These guys may all be bankers or doctors back home but you would never have any idea from the way they behave here.I love this pic, this girl is pretty much what we see all day here in BKK and I love how they have here in a plastic pool of what looks like pee.We have had a few emails about some of the hair styles on the girls here and some of the things other guys have seen on the street in BKK.

The shot of her ass in the mirror is pretty much perfect. This girl was evidently from up north somewhere and as soon as she had turned 18 made a bee line for Pattaya and it’s bright lights and cash.

Well for those who do get back this is the sort of thing that is waiting for them, an impossibly hot and willing girl on the back of a scooter in BKK. He then goes back to his 9 to 5 back in the world and it doesn’t take more than a week or so before he has gone nuts and has made the decision to sell the house wife and kids and go back to BKK as soon as possible.

Now it doesn’t happen to everyone, but some guys will just never leave Thailand and this picture pretty much explains why.

It used to be that there were a few really great sites that captured the crazed spirit of partying in Pattaya.

But most of those are gone now due to piracy and it is really rare to see new sites.

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