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When I started seeing my boyfriend, I offered to cook him a meal and he said that he’d ‘never eaten a meat-free meal that wouldn’t have been improved by meat’.

But since trying it, he’s been incredibly open to vegan food – eating everything from vegan cheese toasties to Ethiopian curries.

But there’s nothing wrong with a little mindful dining.

‘I have never had a problem dating as a vegan,’ says Holly, 28.

Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time eating alone.

In my experience, many guys who aren’t actually vegetarian or vegan believe that if they don’t eat meat at least twice a day, they’ll die of malnutrition.

In fact, a third of people say that they wouldn’t date vegans.

I asked a couple of mates if they’d date vegans and both were quite emphatic about it. ‘A vegetarian was bad enough.’ It’s a bit like saying you’re an evangelical Christian.

‘That’s why I don’t tell people straight off because maybe they think it’s a bigger deal than it is, then I can turn around after a few dates and be like, “A-HA! ”.’ And that’s the thing – being vegan really doesn’t have to impact on other people…particularly right now when there are so many delicious vegan options around.

‘Dating seems to be nothing but going for drinks in London anyway.

Once you get past that and into a slightly more serious relationship, I’ve always found guys more than happy to join me eating vegan food.

And while you generally date people who have relatively similar tastes as you, dating when you’re a vegan is a whole different ball game.

In the initial stages, admitting to living a plant-based life can feel awkward.

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