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Theoretically someone could direct their scammer energies into the hell of registration and waiting hours in line to collect the badge - all to meet their buyer outside for a markup of a hundred bucks, if that.

But it's far easier for people to doctor up convincing badge fascimiles and sell those Yes, CCI security guards do random checkpoints, where they ask for a photo ID and match it to your badge.

So if you really want to see Saturday's Ballroom 20 panels, buy Friday as well.

Anyone with a Member ID who's 16 or older can volunteer at San Diego Comic-Co.

That's because there are far more would-be attendees than badges, and the Con sells out as fast as the badges can be purchased.

If you don't manage to register then, you used to be able to wait for summer when CCI would sell off all badges turned in for refunds - but there's been no resale the last 2 years and no guarantee it will be held again.

If you're one of the thousands who signed up to be on the "Interest List," No.

If you don't, and you lack the kind of San Diego connections that could help you find a couch to crash on, you should really consider this.

But you can lock down a hotel room in the Early Bird sale easily and peacefully, and you can do so right now.

No, the rooms aren't downtown, but most of the hotel sale rooms aren't either.

Which means this post is for those of you who romantically believe in your CCI destiny. I loved Comic-Con, I was devoted to it, surely the gods of lodging and nerddom would gift me with a decent hotel room, right?

Then I got one of these: If you've gotten locked out of the hotel sale, you know what a kick in the teeth it is.

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