Solutions to dating violence

When the abuser gets a chance to hear others stories, their reasons for their actions, and why they want to stop, it can be a very enlightening situation.

Many people in recovery from various addictions often have an, “Ah ha!

Children who either witness or experience violence within their environment clearly have a negative impact on the child’s livelihood.

Research studies have found that children deal with stressful events in one of two ways, either by internalizing their emotions or by externalizing them.

For example, when a problem presents itself, an individual may not know how to deal with it or even know how to ask for help.

Children who have resiliency traits are far more likely to be able to move on from a violent experience or stressful event in their life, if they are capable of doing this they would be able to effectively break the cycle of violence.

The Duluth Model is the most used battering intervention program, or BIP.

Today, many states have a no-drop policy, meaning requests to drop charges are rejected whether the victim wants them dropped or not.

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If often takes a professional to ask questions such as, “What was your family like growing up?Risk traits include: low self esteem, lack supportive social networks, and lack of conflict resolution skills.These traits can negatively influence the way people react to crisis.There are a variety of solutions and preventions for the problem.Having a strong support system is beneficial in the healing process of family violence.

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