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I love video games and play just about anything that doesn't require a subscription. Some stuff I'm playing now: Planetside 2, Overwatch, Evolve stage 2, and other stuff I really need to find friends to play with.Also countless indie and "retro" games that I love for nostalgic reasons. I would love to meet some Europeans as I'm a bit of a Francophile.They have great family values and children are tight-nit to parents and don’t move to far locations until and unless are not married.However they are very friendly in nature and feel great pleasure while having HD Cam Chat or live cam chat which is totally free and require no registration on our site.Some favorites are Epica, Infected Mushrooms, and Justice. People who are closed minded or rude, or who start a conversation and never respond.I have a huge soft spot for trashy sci-fi or fantasy novels. I'm busy myself, but if you're so busy you can't maintain a conversation then don't start one with me.

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