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Vezmar’s conduct – the threats of legal action, the stalking and increasingly over the top rantings on the topic – provide credence to the idea that it wasn’t his criticizing her admittedly rude and inconsiderate behavior that led to her fleeing a bad date. Taking the time – and not insignificant cost – to use the legal system as a means of seeking revenge against a bad date would seem to be a strong indicator that she had reason to trust her instincts and bail.But the absurdity of Vezmar’s actions are actually Yes, the guy who sued his date and did multiple media interviews on the topic and continues to rant about it on Twitter is indeed the correct person to declare who is and isn’t a self-centered, bizarro-land nutjob.“Here’s what I think: I think the implicit contracts in dating need to stop, because I think that men are being exploited by people like the defendant,” Vezmar explained.So out of convenience, I purchased two tickets in advance on Fandango.I think the implicit understanding on her part—in fact, I know—was that this was a date, the ticket was a gift, and she didn’t owe anything.His behavior made me extremely uncomfortable, and I felt I needed to remove myself from the situation for my own safety.He has escalated the situation far past what any mentally healthy person would.“I purchased these movie tickets in advance because the movie was sold out, or selling out, everywhere.This was one of the last places I could get tickets.

(Kinda like that except with stalking and harassment…) What seemed like a man taking a stand against rudeness with a hint of Austin quirkiness took a darker turn – and provided an example of risks women face when dating. They met downtown, had a slice of pizza and he drove his date’s car to the theater.Similarly, she has to reject or refuse him – if at all – in a specific way. The premise of the question is absurd, and only the most hopeless Progressive could even conjure it up. He harassed a woman into giving him more attention – on television yet – and tried to dress it up as a quest for great justice The fact of the matter is, Vezmar is another example of someone who’s upset he’s not allowed to dictate a woman’s behavior and will hang the flimsiest of excuses over his desire to punish her.If she is too vehement, then she is overreacting; if she isn’t emphatic deserve it.” The anonymous readers excuse increasingly threatening behavior because we let the delicious narrative of “correcting bad behavior” overwhelm the facts of the situation. Portraying her as the face of one of the sins of modern living is the fig leaf over his desire; it helps ensure that he’ll get the Internet mob to declare him a hero when he’s pissy at being rejected.Even agreeing with a man when they compliment her is enough to send some men into a tailspin.By not letting them be the arbiter of what is appropriate, she has violated the “rules” and must be punished.

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