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She had started with Kito, then Véronique, Gabriel, and, finally, Luke Garroway, whom Maia grew to like and became very loyal to.Shortly after Luke became the pack leader, she began helping around his bookstore, accepting payment in the form of books, especially when Luke's visits to his friend Jocelyn Fray became more frequent.They got into a fight, during which they witnessed the vampires ripping Gregg in half and eating him when his insides fell out.Another time, two teenage boys armed with knives had tried to grab her while she was walking through Central Park one night after she'd first come to the city, and only Bat had kept her from killing them both. However, she realized that she wasn't ready for a real relationship and Bat decided to break up with her and give her space, despite what he really felt.They remained good friends, even after Bat began dating a "witch" named Eve.

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Growing up, her parents had always favored her "beautiful" older brother Daniel who abused her and, once or more times, had even tried to kill her, resulting in her distrust of "beautiful boys". Soon after, she met Jordan Kyle, a boy whom she went out with and treated her like a goddess.

Maia collapsed in fear and was kidnapped by Valentine Morgenstern.

Maia was kept in a room with Simon aboard Valentine's ship, and the pair used the opportunity to reconcile.

While the first few months of their relationship seemed perfect, Jordan began to become possessive and physically hurt her.

Finally, she broke up with him and kissed another boy one night to prove her point, not knowing that it would be the first night Jordan Changed into a werewolf.

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