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Once the safety procedures are outlined, the show goes on.As the men file in, Ryan takes command directing the 70 some odd men to find and take their seats quickly.Once all the women are seated, the doors are closed and Ryan introduces himself.That day, Ryan, a heavy set gentleman much like myself, was in Jedi Cosplay with a lightsaber and all. Each pair will have 3 minutes to converse and try to make a lasting first impression.Also, during this closed session with the women, Ryan and his teams outline special proprietary procedures in place for the safety of the female participants.Without going into any detail, I can say that the procedures are thoughtfully developed with attendee safety as their number one priority and I applaud them for doing so.

In that time he knows for a fact that Sci-Fi Speed Dating has resulted in 214 marriages, 44 engagements, and 37 babies! At no point in time are participants supposed to exchange personal information.

At least here, if you share the fandom, you can talk about the latest Star Wars teaser or the new Star Trek series set to debut. Then, at the appointed time, the women are seated first.

Dare I say it, in this room, Star Trek & Star Wars can be at peace with one another, maybe even find love! This is to get them settled and to go over the way the event will work.

The 100,000 attendees for the event in 2015 ranged from stroller age to the young at heart on retirement benefits.

Students, geeks, nerds (there is a difference), artists, pop culture gurus, sci-fi extraordinaires, leveled gamers, celebrities from current and classic and the fashionable showing of cosplayers.

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