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Over here, it takes us a bit of time to catch up with the Yanks.

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There was the deliberate cultivation of the pageantry of glamour swirling around America’s first royal family – for example, through Jackie’s White House dinners attended by writers, artists and entertainers. One immediately thinks of the photo of Kennedy as President-elect arriving for Christmas mass with prayer book in hand at Palm Beach.The press readily latched on to the idea of Kennedy’s cerebral nature and the intellectual dynamism of his inner coterie – an administration of “the best and the brightest”. The kind of slick PR machine that our latter-day leaders can only dream of.Stories emerged of him speed reading à la Oscar Wilde. The White House tapes reveal Nixon’s candid assessment: “Kennedy was cold, impersonal, he treated his staff like dogs, particularly his secretaries and the others ...Yet even Maggie was forced to undergo a makeover at the behest of her advisors.JFK was preceded by Eisenhower and followed by Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) – two of the most image-averse presidents ever to occupy the Oval Office.

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