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To the extent that they see the world in this way, they are hijacking the Christian worldview.

Loren Eiseley, the American anthropologist and philosopher, said that the foundations of modern science could be traced to belief in a rational designer. Do cultures that have this outlook have a basis for scientific advance?

Dawkins faces a huge problem in that atheists cannot provide a proper philosophical basis for scientific enterprise in the first place.

When he claims that science is anti-God, he is effectively cutting off the branch he is sitting on.

So, in fact, the evolutionists are actually confirming that our universe bears all the marks of design by a greater intelligence.It’s got oodles of biochemical machinery and massive amounts of coded information and decoding machines.All these mechanisms are essential for the life of the cell and, on the evolutionary model, they need to be in place for the process of evolution by natural selection to get under way.Naturalism itself doesn’t provide any basis for thinking about the universe in terms of order. He thought about the world in terms of ‘atoms’ that came into being by time and chance.Of course, the problem with his worldview is that a chance universe cannot provide the uniformity that’s required for science.

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