That is, a context that is devoid of the human spark.

To explore this question, the scientists recruited women who had registered personal ads on several online dating sites.

Or is it a biological impulse, an echo of the mating urge primates feel when they see a female primate’s rear end has turned bright red, a sign she’s in estrus?

Elliot believes it’s both, that our culture has reflected and enhanced our biology.

“And there’s no evidence that red captures the attention more,” says Elliot.

In some contexts, in fact, he’s found that the color is something of a turnoff.

Sometimes, especially in science, things don’t work out the way you hope.) Why were the guys so keyed up by red?

Since these studies were carried out in face-to-face situations between a red-clad female confederate (i.e., a female participant acting undercover) and unsuspecting males, the possibility remains that they could have been influencing each other's behavior.In a previous study conducted by Elliot, having red on the cover of an IQ test led to lower scores.So is red a come-hither color because we’ve all grown up seeing red on heart-shaped candy boxes on Valentine’s Day, on sexy Uhura on , on the covers of romance novels, or on Michelle Pfeiffer makin’ whoopee?The colour blue stands for peace while the star stands for the unity and equality of the Ethiopian people.It has been noted that the original 1897 flag was flown with red at the top and was flown upside down with red on top when the country was at war.

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