Pros and cons of dating in college

If people constantly surround themselves with their fellow sorority or fraternity friends, they may be less willing to explore other options.Non-Greeks can be refreshing and enlightening, and can introduce people to another world beyond designer heels, lettered tanks, sticky beer-battered floors and fist pumping keg stands.While the connection was still present, it had waned to a point where it was barely recognizable to what it had once been.It was a difficult decision to make, but it ended up being the right one for us.When most college students consider going through recruitment, they evaluate the benefits of becoming part of the Greek community.While some of these advantages include sisterhood/brotherhood, parties and networking, there is also the hope of meeting a potential girlfriend or boyfriend.Several days ago, my girlfriend and I came to a mutual agreement that things weren't working out the way we would've wanted them to.Because of long-distance difficulties, we both felt as though the relationship wasn't at the level it needed to be at.

Multiple couples from two houses can build a strong overall relationship between the fraternity and sorority, meaning more mixers, formals and parties that couples can attend together.“You have similar social circles and that can allow you to spend more time together,” said Lo Dolce.“Clearly the disadvantages of dating someone outside of Greek life is that because it is a very closed-off group, it can be harder for couples to socialize with that group if one of them is not in a sorority or fraternity.” Not only will Greek couples be able to hang out more if they have mutual friends, but these friends can also help them through a rough patch and be the “cheerleaders” of the relationship.Here are the some of the pros of dating a fraternity bro/sorority girl, as well as the drawbacks: When dating a fraternity brother or a sorority sister, they know how demanding Greek life can be since there are many social events, sisterhood/brotherhood obligations and community service opportunities.Officers in sororities and fraternities are especially busy, and may find it hard to balance their personal and social life with someone who does not understand how much time it can take.

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