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He is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and second eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.He is second in the line of succession, behind his father, to the throne.He has one younger brother, Harry, who was born in 1984.- Education - He attended Wetherby School and Ludgrove School before going to Eton School where he obtained an A in geography, a C in biology and a B in history of art.News of this caused the number of applications to St Andrews to swell, mostly from young women who wanted an opportunity to meet the Prince.The extra attention did not deter him, though, and he embarked on a degree course in art history, later changing his main subject to geography, and going on to earn a Scottish Master of Arts degree with upper second class honours in geography - the highest honours of any heir to the British and other Commonwealth realms' thrones.He graduated on 15 December and, as a lieutenant, followed his younger brother into the Blues and Royals as a troop commander in an armoured reconnaissance unit.

Following the tragic death of his mother, Diana, in 1997 an agreement was made between the Royal Family and the tabloid press that William would be allowed to study free of paparazzi intrusion in exchange for regular updates of the Prince's life.

Why was Jennifer a little unsure about going out with David? Where did David and Jennifer go for their first drink together?

Here is the timeline of Prince William's relationship with Kate Middleton.

Section Two: David and Jennifer Now listen to BBC Learning English's Yang Li interview David and Jennifer.

When you've listened, try answering these questions.3.

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