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The rumors were promoted to the media by a conservative anti-Trump gadfly who, just a year ago, used another evidence-free rumor to accomplish his political goals.

Trump has denied the charges, although he’s still going to have to answer them.

Trump’s public comments have already revealed that he uses many of the same tactics that emotionally abusive perpetrators of domestic violence do.

Many of these tactics are designed to dehumanize a victim and minimize a perpetrator’s own behavior.

The comments also came across as extremely dehumanizing to women.

And that was far from the only time Trump has said sexually entitled or dehumanizing things about women.

If all of the sexual assault allegations against Trump are true, he is a sexual predator.

And, Bostick said, his comments about children and teens aren’t just inappropriate and unsettling — they could also enable other predators.

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She also said this: Soon enough, [Taggart] said, [Trump] delivered another unwelcome kiss on her lips, this time in Trump Tower.

After boasting of his connections to elite modeling agencies, he advised her to lie about her age to get ahead in the industry, she said.

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