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All other factors being equal, women overall were 400 times less likely to browse the profile of a man significantly older than herself. Whereas 20-year-old women were 10 times more likely to ignore a man 10 years her senior, 45-year-old women were nearly 10% more likely to browse the profile of a man 55 or older compared with a man her own age.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men in their 40s tend to be more interested in younger women. "Women care quite a bit more about the height of their partners than vice-versa," Bruch says.

K', 'Hmm no, not really' and 'NO Definitely NOT' based on photographs and a brief profile submitted by new applicants.

Bruch wondered: Is mate selection like a job interview process, where the person with the best combination of positive factors wins?

Smoking was another big deal breaker, associated with a 10-fold drop in interest.

But the biggest deal breaker of all turned out to be age, at least for women.

The data set includes some 1.1 million interactions between users.

But beyond someone's looks, how much do any of these factors matter for mate selection?

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