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In her last will, O'Neill, who was a prolific writer of diaries and letters during her life, ordered that all her writings be destroyed, and never published. On stage, she has been portrayed by Ashley Brown in Limelight: The Story of Charlie Chaplin at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego in 2010, and by Erin Mackey in the production's Broadway version, Chaplin – The Musical, in 2012.

O'Neill has been portrayed by Moira Kelly in Richard Attenborough's biographical film of Charlie Chaplin, Chaplin (1992), and by Zoey Deutch in the film Rebel in the Rye, based on the young life of J.

Oona O'Neill Chaplin, Lady Chaplin (May 14, 1925 – September 27, 1991) was the daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer-Prize-winning American playwright Eugene O'Neill and English-born writer Agnes Boulton, and the fourth and last wife of English actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.

O'Neill's parents divorced when she was four years old, after which she was raised by her mother in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and very rarely saw her father.

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The film was never made, but O'Neill and Chaplin began a romantic relationship and married in June 1943, a month after she had turned 18.

The 36-year age gap between them caused a scandal, and severed O'Neill's relationship with her father, who had already strongly disapproved of her wish to become an actress.

Agnes was granted a divorce in Reno, Nevada in July 1929, and three weeks later, Eugene married Monterey in France.

According to the divorce settlement both children were to attend top boarding schools from the age of 13 and, in 1938, O'Neill was sent to study at the Warrenton Country School in Warrenton, Virginia.

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