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Norton Family is aimed at "fostering communication" involving parents and their children's online activities.

Computer activities are monitored by the software client, and reports are published online.

On shared computers, it depends on the Norton Safety Minder to enforce policies and report activities for individual accounts.

Norton Family emphasizes transparency between parents and children, attempting to create "open" and "ongoing dialogue".

In the last minute before forced logout, children can postpone it by pressing a button, disabling the desktop and leaving only the Norton Family icon functional.

Parents can then enter their credentials to grant a time extension. Changing the system time does not affect Online Family. The tracking of search queries requires a compatible search engine must be used.

According to Olibeti: That’s quite a volume of chatters!

Pictured below is the rest of the chat department, which is fairly small compared to the other departments that work together to make Protect America a living, breathing business.

The amount of time left can be checked via the Norton Family system tray icon.A system tray icon is intended to make the software's presence known.Also, as a security company, Symantec decided not to introduce something spyware-like.Chat representatives are able to deal with multiple customers at a time.They can be chatting with anywhere from 2 to 10 plus customers at one time. Many times it is much easier for customers to multi-task using chat versus having to be tied to a conversation on the phone with a representative.

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