Nelly dating ashanti still

I jus named damn near 10 ppl in the city that was close to him that assisted with dat junky success and a #ENTIRE CITY that he fucced over!!!

Ashanti kept her 10-year relationship with rapper Nelly close to the vest while they dated, but the same can't be said post-split.

They collaborated on the song "Body On Me" in 2009.

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At the same time, again, I am very feisty, so if things aren’t going the right way, I have something to say.” Outdated embed removed.It's just not pleasant at all."Regardless, Ashanti continues to deal with this unfortunate situation, and admits that when it comes to dealing with this stalker, she operates both out of both fear and empowerment."At this point you don't know how far someone will go.I have a mouth on me, if I say something a little crazy I don't know what's going to happen after that so just be strong and keep your composure," she says.I've been betrayed," the 34-year-old said, although she failed to elaborate with specifics.Ashanti and the "Country Grammar" entertainer, 40, quietly dated for nearly a decade, yet neither have ever confirmed when they exactly parted ways.

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