Naked survive

For 21 days, one man and one woman - meeting for the first time in the nude - are paired and tasked to survive in some of the world's most extreme environments... This season, a whole new crop of extreme survivalists will tackle brand new international locations from Australia to Croatia and Canada, along with Alabama and Texas for the first time.

They'll suffer the world's most hostile climates and encountering new and deadly animals including large cats, bears and some of the world's most deadly reptiles.

And their hemoglobin, or red blood cells, are unusually sticky.

They can pull oxygen out of air that would leave most mammals gasping for breath.

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Park and his colleagues kept them in the containers for an additional minute after their last visible attempt at breathing.“There's nothing special about five percent except that we knew it would be fatal to humans, and fatal to laboratory mice, and probably to everybody else,” said Park."We were at the ready to abort the experiment and pull the animals out of the chamber if they started to look like they were having problems.” Park and his colleagues expected the naked mole rats to start running out of oxygen within 15 to 20 minutes.But the naked mole rats took the licking and kept on ticking: they were just playing possum.Upon being released from their containers, they began breathing within seconds. Humans—and our brains—use glucose, a very simple sugar, for energy.

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