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Mort's parents appear for the first time in "Save the Clam." Mort appears briefly in "Life of Brian", where he takes the hockey net Stewie threw away, intending to give it to Neil as a birthday present.Mort reveals he was a record mogul in the 1970s at Mort Town Records in "In Harmony's Way", managing such groups as Earth, Wind, Fire and Pollen until allergies and an olive addiction forced him out of the music business until he temporarily becomes Peter and Quagmire's manager.Mort's defining characteristics are stereotypically Jewish, such as his whiny neuroticism, his chronic hypochondria, his wimpy attitude and his general gawkiness.Mort has terrible social skills, frequently discussing his various maladies and childhood bullying in otherwise polite conversation.Add time When Peter goes to see his ex-girlfriend, she says she never washed her hand and takes off her right glove to show a black hand. She then turns around and the hands have switched colours. Times for members only" data-content="Create a free account to see times of mistakes, and more! He later joined the renaissance fair in an attempt to overcome his fear of swords.

Peter: I can't take the trash out today, I'm working late at the office. He once bowled a perfect game in "Blind Ambition", in a rather unorthodox way by rolling the ball extremely slowly down the lane.Lois has her photo shoot pictures developed at Mort's pharmacy in "Model Misbehavior", and then poses for a series of fliers to advertise the pharmacy.After the explosion, Mort checks his wallet to see if it's ok and the second bomb explodes.Mort recovers and reopens the pharmacy in "Tea Peter".

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