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All you have to do is choose the girl you want to speak to, key in the appropriate number and she’s all yours!

Remember it’s your call and the women are willing to talk about anything you want.

The feel of it in my mouth and on my lips and trying to make it explode for me is so fun.

Being quite petite myself big cocks are a huge turn on and ... My name was the same on Climax :) Looking for strictly role play.

Remember, you can always skip any intros by pressing the Number 1 on your keypad. She will send them to you from her mobile which you will receive via a wap push.

You select a woman you would like to text chat with and using your mobile; text: SEXand then the their Number to 89099. You're chosen woman will text you back with a chat reply starting your text chat conversation. You can view these by accessing your mobile's wap folder.

I build handmade craft speakers and also am very keen in learning about the un...*******READ INFO******** First of all no GUYS allowed :) no hard feelings but I prefer ladies on here :x) Hi there , my name is Amy. Really not a shy person at all and I love showing off my body. I know this is a cybersex site, but I hope to make some connection before getting to the good stuff. But don't mistake this as a sign of weakness, or submission, I am far from either.

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We welcome your praise, your comments and your criticism! Hey, we know we’re great but we did make a mistake once back in 1863 so you never know, there’s a remote chance it could happen again, nobody’s totally perfect.

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TEXT sex CHAT QUESTIONS: - How do I start a text chat conversation? - Which networks does this text chat service work on?

- Can I use a landline telephone to use this text chat service?

- How do I stop receiving text messages or cancel using this service?

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