Misadventures in internet dating

As my eyes flicked compulsively between the parking lot and my watch, I heard a voice behind me. As soon as we ordered (to his credit, he paid), it was time to face the dilemma I'd had plenty of time to ponder since arriving.The thing is, this particular Jamba Juice had no seating.We eventually got the definition worked out — that this guy was not necessarily blond, nor blind, for that matter.And then, to my surprise, Nhu blurted out, "What do you hope he's like?I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to the setup, since for me, even answering a call from an unknown number felt like an act of daredevilesque courage.

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Truth be told, I was a bit relieved, as it would buy me time to dry my sweaty palms and figure out what drink I should order to convey that I was neither a glutton nor a calorie counter. I'd feel like the worst kind of snitch to call her with a report about my date's AWOL status, and I couldn't think of a way to pull off a casual check-in, where I'd nonchalantly fish for hints as to whether he'd lost interest somewhere between Tuesday and the nearest Jamba Juice.

All the tallies seemed to be lining up in the "con" column, but there was one potential pro that had the power to outweigh them all: the what-if. But each time I got angry, I'd picture him in a fiery crash somewhere between his house and Jamba Juice and cut him some slack. I nodded lamely."Well, he just called and said to tell you he's running late."Forty-three minutes after the prearranged time, Blond Date showed up."Did you get the message I'd be late? "I was in the middle of a really intense game of soccer."Soccer? I took a breath, determined to give him the benefit of the doubt."Oh," I said. ""No, it's just a bunch of guys who play pickup in the park near my house."At least I was getting a Banana Berry Smoothie with a boost of vitamin C for my efforts.

I decided to give him thirty minutes, and after that I was out of there. And he had showered, so that showed some effort, if not time-management skills.

Clearly there had been a communication breakdown somewhere along the way.

Nhu had been an even giddier version of her usual eighth-grade self when she found out about my date scheduled for the next day.

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