Military australia dating Chat to girls without signing up

And if that’s what it takes to be with my soldier, then throw anything you want at me – I’ll get through. I hope this helped out or gave hope or comfort to those of you who are also dating a soldier and/or are in a similar situation to mine.I know it gets rough, and sometimes, all we need to know is that we’re not alone, that someone else understands and is doing it too.

In the Spring of ’08, he joined the Army and went off to Ft Knox for basic training soon after. Everyone thought I was crazy for committing to someone who would be stationed halfway across the country, but he and I knew it was right. Sure, there are days that I’d rather not get out of bed, when I’m lonely and all I want to do is cry.Although I had complete control over his finances and legal matters, I was still not an Army wife.This meant I could not be included in phone trees or any kind of support system.My husband enlisted in July of 2003, only months after we had invaded Iraq.Needless to say, I was not thrilled with his decision.

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