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Hi, I would like to get into playing the mando, but I do not know of any mandolin teachers or places that provide mandolin lessons in Minnesota (USA). Feel free to PM me here, shoot me an email at fkeller AT scicable DOT net, or I do teach at least one day a week (Thursdays right now) at Blackbird Music: Cedar and 35th Ave. Homestead Pickin Parlor is great too, can't go wrong there.

I live in the Bloomington, and if anyone has any helpful pointers or recommendations, I appreciate it.

Not a very good user experience especially since they could not get past that page. so far it has generated 700 log files though with me just testing.Mythic rarity is kind of annoying, but it looks like every color has a mythic leveler.3/3 for 3 is solid, he becomes a big threat, and can be used in multi-color decks.Michael Giammattei also known amongst the CT music community as Mikey G, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of making music not only as a career, but also as a way of life.He's had a love of music since he was a youngster, especially gravitating towards anything percussive.

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