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He was born in Kongsburg, Norway on 24 Nov., 1875 and died on 31 Jan., 1964 in St. He married Georgina Olena Otterson in Dwight, North Dakota.

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For many years we just traced my father's ancestry back to 1706 (Nordtvetten, Telemark), but when we lived in Trondheim (NTNU) for one year (1984- 85) we met Mrs Aagot in Jar (near Oslo), whose ancestors (Jore) linked up with mine. Referred by: From Geocities From: Springtown, TX Time: 1997-10-12 Comments: My Great Grandfather Ole Olsen Ulberg was born somewhere in Norway. These three brothers also served in the Union Army in the Civil War. I have lots of information on the LISLAND name if anyone is looking and I am searching SEIMS, believed to be from Odda, Hardanger (spelling??? ) (1846-1928)and their two children Harold and Ella. Their three other children, Annar, Minnie and Axel were born in St. Anders changed his name in US to ANDREW STOLPESTAD. From: Florida Time: 1997-10-06 Comments: Looking for ancestors in Bamble, Langesund in Telemark county and Ulvik, Hordaland county. May 28, 1881 he married his first wife Ronaug Brudeli in Kors church. Jacod passed away from a stroke in our village last Friday morning May 20, 1936. Larson officiation and interment was made at the Rapidan Lutheran Cemetery. 1817 in Trogstad), Bernt's mother Karoline SYVERSEN (b.1837 in Askim), their ancestors Brynild ANDERSEN, Syver NILSEN or NIELSEN, Johan KISE. Name: Curt Larsen Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In!

What would be the normal port of embarkation when leaving Skien? Her sister was in the United States with her but returned to Norway. Storaasli Website: Norsk Genealogy back to 872AD Referred by: Net Search From: Hampton VA Time: 1997-10-12 Comments: Telemark (Skafsa) is my father's side emigrated 1861 Kvinesdal (Risnes) is my mother's side emigrated 1881 I'm putting our Genealogy on line, including photos of ancestors. Small Website: Richard & Ginette's Home Page Referred by: Just Surfed On In! Paul, MN Time: 1997-10-11 Comments: HAALAND Peter Jansen/ Ytre Holmedel, Fjaler, Sogn Fjordane HAALAND Tollak/ Yttre Holmedal, Sogn MAGNUSSEN Hanne Marie/ Vadal, Norddal, More og Romsdal INGEBRIGHTSEN, Magnus/ Nordahlen, Romsdal RIVEDAL Tolac/ Sogn SANDBECK Sivert/ Lund, Rogalan OGMUND (cir 1200) many more..... From: Carlsbad, CA Time: 1997-10-10 Comments: Seek ancestors of Niels GUNDERSEN b. I am going to peruse this site to learn what I can. My great great grandfather's brother, Tallef TORGERSON and his wife, Guro, immigrated from Norway around 1859/1860, along with Tallef's two brothers (Knut and Kittel) and their families. From: Columbus, OH Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: Grandfather came over from Norway to St. Later lived in Menominee, Michigan following participation in the Spanish-American War. From: British Columbia, Canada Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: This is great!!!! The Jensens are also related to a Captain Otto Sperling (1600s). Referred by: Net Search From: California, USA Time: 1997-10-07 Comments: Looking for STOLPESTAD and FRONG (FRANG? Anders, second son of Hans, (1849-1912)left the family farm STOLPESTAD(and assorted other spellings)and came to St. Returned to Norway to get his wife, Toline Frong(Frang? Jacob Knudson 1862-1936 Jacod Knutson was born December 27, 1862 at Romsdalen, Norway, at the farm Rodstol, and baptized in Kors church March 15, 1863. Also nephews John Knutson , Louis Paulson of Rapidan and eight grandchildren. b)Ski near Oslo---BRAATEN (Broten in Canada), HANSEN, SIGGURUD-BRAATEN, etc. From: Portland, Oregon Time: 1997-10-03 Comments: Searching for decendents of Bernt Kristianson GROTBERG (b.9-25-1863 in Ostre Toten), Bernt's father Kristian BRYNHILDSEN (b.

Great Grandmother Jette Jensdatter FINSTAD, Hol Parish, Lofoten Islands. Jette's mother was Marta Bernedette Petersdatter OXAAS, Nord Tronder.

Interested in meeting others who might be related from that area.

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