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It’s worth hitting the shops in the ‘fancier’ areas of your town or city.

Imagine coming across the treasure trove of Kate Moss’ old wardrobe…

Ever got a voucher for cash off your next shop at the supermarket?

Lots of people don’t realise there is money to be made and leave their receipts at the till or in trolleys for anyone to find. Scour the car park or the till area to find these golden receipts and don’t worry - it is legal. SMS fan Stuart got £23 worth of shopping for £1.50 using this technique. It's easy to think it’s only old ladies that use them to get 10p off a pint of milk.

Read our 100 Ways to Make Money Ultimate Guide, or check out our money making deals below: The words ‘rich’ and ‘student’ aren’t often uttered in the same sentence.

With costs of University fees, accommodation, maintenance and beer all rising, it’s difficult to stay afloat without the help of money from parents, grants and loans.

The sites have the majority of big brands on them, so search for the retailer and click through via its site and then shop as normal.

The key to getting a bargain, or even a freebie, is by doubling the discounts.Companies love to know what they’re doing right as much as what they might be doing wrong. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and say it face-to-face.You never know, you might be rewarded next time you visit.Look out for coupons, and then check sites like My Supermarket to see where products are on offer., For example, at the time of writing there’s a coupon out there for £1 off Warburton’s wholemeal bread, which has been discounted to 79p in most supermarkets, so you can get it for free. Our favourite online sources are Super Savvy Me and Caring Everyday.

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