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The company is a global leader in stainless steel and has its headquarters in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is also the headquarters of Paul Wurth, one of the world leaders in the design and implementation of mechanical equipment and systems and methods for blast furnaces.

So you can come across some German dishes like Kaesespaetzle (kind of an egg pastry with lots of cheese), Rosti (Swiss potato cake) or Italian Carbonara.

Luxembourg’s cuisine is determined mostly by its present there today, which makes it so unique among others.

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Not to forget Apfelstrudel, cheap beer, French croissants…

However, Luxembourgish chefs have their traditional recipes as well, usually inherited from their grandparents and slightly adapted for modern market, so you should try traditional Luxembourg dishes such as ‘.

The last blast furnace in Luxembourg was shut down in 1997, marking a shift from the cast-iron furnace the to electric furnace steel production.Luxembourg owes its wealth largely to the discovery of iron ore in the south at the end of the 19th century, which gave rise to a powerful steel industry. For a long time, the iron and steel industry was the locomotive of Luxembourg's economy, until the beginning of the steel crisis in the 1970s.The following figures speak for themselves: However, with the oil shock of 1973 and the ensuing crisis of the European steel industry, the predominance of this pillar of the Luxembourg economy was deeply challenged.In Luxembourg, the company operates 11 manufacturing sites.Since early 2011, the stainless steel division of Arcelor Mittal has been operating as an independent company under the name of Aperam.

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