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These relationship can fizzle out really fast if the pair does not have the right chemistry, because instead of thinking about tonight, everyone's focused on tomorrow. LTR = Anything longer than 36 hours, or two sleepovers(with very little sleep), which ever comes first.After that, we guys just feel like it's suffering a long drawn out death. I think that two people who are in love, consistently wish to see each other, and exclusive (married or not) would represent a successful LTR.It’s a physical, subconscious emotion, and she can’t always control it.This experience is often lamented by pickup artists and men around the world and solutions to this problem are often sought after.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Or, do you think it means being exclusive with a woman - both maintaining your own homes - only sleeping over two or three nights a week (or more or less, as each of you sees fit)?I have discovered that a lot of men are putting "long-term" down in their profiles when all they really want to do is run around ... Of course you don't find that out until you are in a dialogue with them for a while. they have actually said that they tried it with "dating" and the ladies would not reply to their emails ... However, they have no intention of really having a "long-term" relationship. Ultimately yes I believe living together at some point down the line would be the natural progression of a healthy long-term relationship (provided you both live and work in the same city).How often they sleep over or if they live together doesn't seem to factor into the equation.Quick Definition: The resistance that a woman puts up to physical advances before sex.

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Plus you'll learn a lot more about them seeing their behaviour when their guard's down...

A woman doesn’t want to appear easy or slutty and will resist sexual advances even when she is attracted to a man in order to protect her reputation.

LMR, on the other hand, is the feeling she gets like she’s betting on the house.

They and my daughter both believed it worked for them BECAUSE they didn't move in together. Find that special person that makes you smile when you get up every morning and live every day like your a goofy kid in love! We have only been out once but I have my fingers crossed, that she is the one! It means whatever you decide it means between the parties involved in the LTR.

Actually, they rarely got to see each other during the week; they mostly spent most weekends together. They kept very little stuff at each other's place - toiletry items only, I think. This is a discussion you should be having with the person that you are interested in having a LTR with.

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