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I am worried some wat only because I didn't know this was an actual condition.. It's honestly a relief to read other stories like my son. Otherwise he drinks lots if bottles if milk because he won't use a cup with a lid. Remember to include either broth, or sauce, or something like applesauce or yogurt, or sour cream, to the main course, to make it more palatable. Place the veggy stick on your child mouth in between the teeth, hold the top of the head with your left hand and push your child chin with your lower pulm while you are holding the veggy stick until you hear he/she bite on it.But it's good to know my son is not the only one and that he will be OK.. My son is 4 years old and he started chewing a couple of months ago. My son has been getting help with HELP ME GROW services since he was 6 months old. I am a sensory eater myself, but my son it a hundred times worse. The most textured food he will eat is very soft spaghetti noodles with lots of sauce. Do not ever give anything hard and dry, like french fries, potato chips, and so forth, that require chewing. Make sure to do it slowly so your kid won't bite his own tongue, do it again and again.He is noticing now he actually have other teeth and im sure it wont be years for him to actually starts chewing. My son is just 16 months and he is my youngest of 4 children.I have never even heard of this untill now that my baby is experiencing this.

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I would like to say that the speech therapist in an earlier comment on here who said 'I have never met anybody over the age of 10 who cannot chew, has obviously not had good training as this syndrome is certainly not that rare.

But I try and simply can't get him to eat anything else. He has said a full sentence before three different times but very rarely. Soft foods are not "slop." A perfectly good, nutritious diet can be derived from soft foods. It isn't perfectly ideal, but it can be a close second. that how i found he wasnt chewing his food came up whole, even a whole spaghetti noodle. He is a very active boy otherwise with average one can share how it will improve.

Even the oatmeal in the Gerber toddlers is too lumpy and the oats u actually have to chew a tiny bit before u swallow, which shud be no big deal for any 1 and a half year old, but son gags and chokes if I put it in his mouth. He eats mainly pouch food, mashed banana, mashed potatoes, cream based soup, yogert and pudding. Mashed avocados, mashed bananas, mashed canned fruit, mashed cooked pasta, ground or finely cut fish (carefully remove all bones), or finely cut meats, oatmeal, applesauce, mashed cooked vegetables, blended fresh salad (put it in a blender), smoothies, milk shakes, ice cream, soups, juices, milk, yogurt, and so forth are all good, and all soft. My son is three years and two months now, he wasn't chew any kind of foods, he was eating blended food and he also didn't like to touch the food. Six months ago I started to do my own strategy to deal with his eating habit. I use a veggy stick, hold with your thumb and pointer (as enough as your kid can bite otherwise he/she will chock).

My 3 year old daughter has verbal apraxia (though with Pro Efa fish oil she is talking clearly in 3 words or more sentences) and a hypersensitive gag reflex with a seemingly inability to chew. The meals have to be given to her in a high chair with some form of distraction such as the TV or crafts.

As soon as she is aware that I am spoon feeding her she says "yucky don't like it" however when I quickly up the distraction she happily opens her mouth to eat.

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