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‘Powerful people, including MPs, have previously avoided facing justice for serious crimes committed against children. So the obvious question is: did Watson, the ‘fearless’ defender of child abuse victims, decide against kicking up a fuss about this particular suspected child rapist because it might be embarrassing for his own party?

There is no reason to doubt that — but to an increasing number of critics, the 48-year-old appears to have a never-ending appetite for exposing child abusers with Conservative links, even when the evidence against them seems so thin as to be almost non-existent.

One, ‘Mark’, said he had never been to ‘anywhere in South-West London of that sort’.

Another, a highly vulnerable man called ‘David’, said Fay had coerced him into making false allegations against Brittan, and that he had gone along with the suggestion as ‘a joke’.‘Tom Watson just asked me to tell him about everything I knew. gave them a statement.’ Allegations: Ex-social worker Chris Fay claims to know around 20 boys who were abused by famous men at Elm Guest House.

Earlier this year, Exaro reported: ‘Janner, now 86, sexually assaulted him at several unidentified venues in London between 19.’It is possible, of course, that ‘Nick’ and Watson never discussed Janner during their meeting, and that Watson was unaware of ‘Nick’s’ allegation against Janner.Panorama’s thesis was, broadly, as follows: having seriously mishandled allegations against such high-profile abusers as Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and Rolf Harris, our cowed police forces are now giving credence to manifestly flaky witnesses in far less convincing cases.The show’s investigation joined the Mail in raising serious questions about a news website called Exaro, which has published interviews with a string of ‘victims’ whose evidence at times does not stand up to even basic scrutiny.As a result, a gravely ill Lord Brittan was interviewed under caution.Although (not surprisingly) still unable to substantiate ‘Jane’s’ allegations, details of them, including Brittan’s name, entered the public domain.

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