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We are in it for the long haul, she is happy and very healthy.”5pm GMT: The Animal Adventure Park did a Q & A session live with Toys R Us.The staff said that April is doing well and her udders are filling.Can’t really see what she’s trying to do but something interesting must have landed down there.03.20am GMT: April seems to have turned a bit camera shy – she’s hiding out of site in the top right-hand corner now.12.50am GMT: Lights off for April tonight, although she appears intent on staying awake.9.50pm GMT: Discussing Oliver’s welfare, many April watchers have been urging the couple to spend some time together.But giraffe keeper Alyssa Swilley says Oliver will be kept a safe distance away from April and the calf when he or she arrives. He will stay in his own space and will do so until the baby is bigger.” 9.30pm GMT: Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park, says “we are getting closer” after April’s latest check.

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7.45pm GMT: A vet has entered the pen to check on April.

They revealed that giraffes instinctively hide their labour as they do not want predators to realise they are about to have a baby.

During the session, the staff discussed the fact that the birth of the baby will be quick, potentially less than an hour.

”12.29pm GMT: April the giraffe is keeping the animal park guessing as to when her new arrival will come.

For now, the world watches and waits for her baby to be born.

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