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Jerry: I know man, I couldn't have done it without you. I got all my cousin's phones and submitted the numbers. Your support, your friendship, your jockstrap- Jack: You used my- Just keep it. Jack: That is not a Martial Art's move, it's an appetiser at the Lobster barn. At first, they made a pact when they went to Doctor Kicks to get the jobs, but Jerry broke it - greatly upsetting Jack - when he was promoted to assistant manager, even saying that he had never gotten something Jack hadn't, and asking why he couldn't be happy for him. (Jerry has a flashback of Milton in a cheerleading outfit) Jerry: Wow you're right, he was there for me. Jerry: Hey, it's a groundhog, hey, well you're a cute little fella aren't you? Jack: (Jealous and angry) Shouldn't you be practicing with your new smooth dance friends?

It has also been shown in numerous episodes that they value each other's friendship, as with when they argue, one of them is always admitting how upset they are, whether to each other's faces, or someone else.

Jack comforted Jerry by telling him he was awesome, and they made up their friendship. Jack: (plucks Jerry's hair and shows him) Jerry: Ah, I get it. (Jerry gets the porqupine quills in his face.) Jerry: (To Jack) This dumb groundhog thinks he's a porqupine. (Walks away and screams.) Jack: (Looks at Jerry and tries not to laugh) You've got a little something here. (Jack reaches for Jerry's face and pulls out a porqupine quill, making Jerry scream.) Jack: I think we finally lost the bees. Jerry: Oh, Kim's got her hair tangled into a thorn bush, Eddie's trying to get her out. Jack: Well, I do have a victory dance I do every time I win a match. Jack: Jerry, you got us all excited about this dance thing, you said we were going to do it together and then you bailed on us. (points to Jerry and then storms out) Jerry: How're you feeling Jack?

Season 3 also saw the episode Duelling Dojos showcase one of their most serious arguments yet. Jerry: Ok don't hurl man, or think about hurling, or the taste you get in your mouth right before- Jack: (Puts his hand on Jerry's mouth) Shut it! Jerry: See I don't know if you know this about me, but I was partially raised by wolves. Kelsey Vargis, the coolest girl in school, is on her way down here. Jerry: It's not just about the money, I've always loved dancing. (Does his dance) Jerry: (Puts his hand on Jack's chest) If that's your victory dance, I'm gonna start rooting against you. Jerry: Look, I'm never gonna be great at Karate, or a great school person- Milton: Student. Dancing's the one thing I'm really good at, and I just wanted everyone to see that. (Jerry stops, Jack sighs and walks over to him) If you still wanna be in the contest, we'll be your crew. (Jack nods, then he looks around the room, everyone else nods too) Yes, the kid is back in the game. Jack: I feel like a guy this ripped shouldn't have to come here sitting in your bike basket.

They've hit a lot of bumps in the road, but they've always came through in the end. They're just a dumb gimmick to take your mind off the fact that they look and taste like an old man's ear. Jerry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, there is nothing fake about the Klaus Claw.

Jack repeatedly sticks up for Jerry and tries to keep him out of hairy situations. Jack: (Reads fortune) You will embark on an exciting journey. Jack: So do you think your wife'll be mad that you ditched her? It's 100% bionic with robotic titanium fingers that can crush a man's skull!

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