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And if you’re still using Windows 7, you need to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep things up to date.

In addition to fixing security flaws, updates also come in the form of bug fixes and new features, both of which are also nice to have.

Now, you can buy ergonomic keyboards that bear little resemblance to flat, rectangular models with ordinary square keys.

Some flashier models light up, roll up or fold up, and others offer options for programming your own commands and shortcuts.

As @Erik Reppen asked, are you using a server or just opening files.

If it is the former I would recommend using a free web hosting site 000webhost or create a local environment with something like xampp Also try not-IE any time strange things happen : ) Been at this 6 years and didn't know anything about IE's obsession with the p3p standard leading it to basically !

Alternatively, you could clear your browser's cache, which is also covered by the wiki article. Now refresh your page as usual, and you'll see all http request like this: If the css file status is 304, means browser ask the server the css file, and server says: "no, you don't need to ask me, I gave you the css file before, it has not changed." If the css file status is 200, but the size is Depending on the browser, it might be a caching problem.

Any ideas why I cant just refresh and see the CSS changes instead of closing the window and reopening? I would recommend clearing your browsers cache and then restarting your browser and see if that solves your problem.

But no matter how many bells and whistles they offer, most keyboards operate using similar technology.

They use switches and circuits to translate a person's keystrokes into a signal a computer can understand.

New security flaws are discovered on a regular basis, and most companies are pretty good about about issuing fixes for those flaws as they crop up.

Plugging those holes, however, depends largely upon making sure things are properly updated.

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