Jay z dating blu cantrell

The company's owner, Veronica Alexandra, said: "Clearly great minds think alike, and who better than our Blue Ivy to plan events for B&J's Blue Ivy?

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They sang it – an ideal version – in Shall We Dance (1937), sitting beside the roller skate rink in Central Park. Sonny and Cher, I Got You Babe (1965) As Phil Spector's gofer and sorcerer's apprentice, Sonny Bono was often called upon to answer the question that Spector would habitually pose about all his recordings: is it "dumb" enough?A popular theory is Blue was chosen to signify producer Jay-Z's Blueprint albums, while some believe Ivy was chosen because it represents the Roman numeral for four (IV), which is Beyoncé's favourite number.Jay-Z, whose real name Shawn Carter, has produced three Blueprint albums and if the theory about the significance of the number four is correct, perhaps another addition to the franchise is being planned. The former Destiny's Child star's birthday is September 4 while her mother's is January 4.Griffiths went on to be one of the I-Threes, Bob Marley’s backing singers. Eminem and Dido, Stan (2001) This gripping psycho-drama of obsessive fandom and artistic responsibility might formally be considered an interaction with a sample rather than a duet, if Eminem and Dido hadn’t performed it live together so effectively.In a sense, Stan is not only a duet between Eminem and Dido, but also between the rapper’s post and pre-fame selves, where boldly he faces up to how little the former has to offer the latter.

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