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He would earn the nicknames Nick "Satan" and "Joyless Nick" from some on the team. "Not any more than three or four times a day," Glanville replied.Coaches in adjacent rooms would hear his shouting matches. Later into the interview, Glanville threw a wadded up ball of paper at Saban when his back was turned.Just before the belligerent safety could pummel his diminutive coach, players pulled them apart. Saban confronted him about not restraining Bostic from the fight.

Mc Dowell would back-step and dip to place him off-kilter, then jam his hands hard into the opponent's chest protector.The next time Bostic fell asleep, Saban throttled him by the collar of his jersey. He reached out and pulled Saban to the ground with him."Nick almost got killed," running back Spencer Tillman said.He kept his white-collared shirt tucked into hiked-up polyester light blue shorts and dispensed frank criticism between spits of tobacco juice.He was vigilant, short on compliments and jokes, and he demanded the same indefatigable focus from those around him. "I don't think he thought he had time for frivolity," said Chip Namias, who was the director of public relations.

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